Auto Upholstery

Broadway Glass and Customs offers you a wide variety of upholstery options for your vehicle and more! Our trained upholstery staff has the experience and the know–how necessary to complete any and all of your custom upholstery needs on time and to your full satisfaction. We have access to all sorts of materials for nearly all car makes and models, all in just one location.

Our upholstery technicians can offer a variety of seat repair options. Seat repairs can come in all forms, from just upholstery problems to issues with your seat frame and more. Whether it is sun damage or plain old worn-out seat replacements to insurance claim seat repairs or new car warranty seat repairs, our team can help you fix absolutely all seat predicaments in one convenient location.


Some carpet stains simply can’t be shampooed out. The upholstery team can help with carpet replacement. Whether you need to touch up certain high-traffic areas or just want a whole new look for your interior, we offer a wide variety of styles, colors and options for your vehicle carpeting needs. We work on all modern cars and trucks, just as well as on antiques and vintage.  Yes, that WOW will be yours when you get your vehicle back.

Headliners and Visors

We offer a large selection of both headliners and visors to match your current interior or to update it along with your new seating and/or carpeting. Whether you are going for the modern or vintage look, our team will help you achieve THE look. With a wide choice of colors, fabrics and styles you will find the perfect match for your style.

Door Panels

Are you unhappy with the look or function of the door panels in your vehicle? Give your doors a completely updated new look with choices like panel recovering and custom carpet installation, arm rest replacement and more. If a full panel replacement is what you are looking for, we can install full door panels as well, and fully matched to your current upholstery.

Complete Seat Recovering

If mending and repairing isn’t enough, our seat upholstery team can offer a complete seat recovering. Tell us what you want the interior to look like, and the car of your dreams will be waiting for you when you pick it up! The upholstery team can turn your auto upholstery fantasy into reality so all us for a quote or come see us today!